Third Party Data Integration

Century is currently capturing PO status events from multiple parties within our customers’ supply chains to give them visibility to the PO lifecycle. This includes events from carriers, brokers, rail track providers, distribution centers, truckers, transloaders and customer generated. The most common status events that VMS? captures include, but are not limited to:

  • Empty Committed
  • Loaded on Vessel
  • Vessel Departed
  • ETA Destination Update
  • Vessel Arrival
  • Unloaded from Vessel
  • Rail Departure
  • En Route
  • Rail Arrival
  • Available for Delivery
  • Returned Container
  • Customs Released
  • Carrier Released
  • Delivered- Pending Unload
  • Delivered- Unloading at DC
  • Emptied at DC
  • FDA Hold
  • FDA Released
  • Exam Required by Customs
  • Other Agency Hold
  • Docs Received

These status events are then visible at the PO and container level via automated reports, or through VMS? search.

For further information, please contact your local office.

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