Supply Chain Engineering

Century forms a dynamic partnership with your company to create a best-in-class international supply chain.

Our Supply Chain Engineers (SCEs) are a group of professionals who will partner with your stakeholders to analyze your current operations and pinpoint existing processes that should be streamlined to increase efficiencies and save cost, plus brainstorm new enhancements. The SCE group’s close collaboration with our customers enables us to create short and long term goals – basically a road map of where we want to take the supply chain over the next 3-5 years. SCEs oversees all IT integration and enhancements for your company. The SCE group and your staff jointly document clear goals, priorities and deployment time tables throughout the course of our relationship.

To ensure open, high-level communication about goal assessment and implementation timeframes, Century and your company will schedule regular Quality Management Reviews (QMRs). Typically we meet monthly for the first six months of the program, then quarterly to keep the program continuously moving forward.

Success hinges upon maintaining an open dialog and making it a priority to limit resources required from your company.

You get more done with fewer resources!

For further information, please contact your local office.

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