On-Line Booking

All vendors receive a password-protected user ID to process their bookings through VMS? booking module. The module is called VOB, which stands for Vendor On-line Booking. We have established a comprehensive program to train vendors that includes written instruction, telephone instruction, a user manual, a Robo-demo CD, vendor group workshops, one-on-one vendor training sessions and monthly “open houses” (for vendors to voluntarily come in for additional training).

To date, we have brought more than 4,000 vendor users online. These vendors are using VMS? daily to create bookings for our customers, accomplishing several important goals:

  • Accelerating your visibility to offshore inventory
  • Validating booking details against the PO data uploaded to our system
  • Generating PO exception alerts (customizable to your criteria with allowable thresholds, severity level, etc.)
  • Ensuring vendors provide mandatory ISF details before receiving a confirmed booking (for example, manufacturer, stuffing location for CY freight and country of origin).

Bringing vendors on-line in VOB is usually the first step in our efforts to promote vendor collaboration in support of your supply chain goals.

For further information, please contact your local office.

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