KPI Reporting / Supply Chain Analytics

VMS? includes more than 600 pre-defined reports you can run on demand or schedule to an email distribution list. All VMS? reports can be exported in a variety of formats, including XML, CSV, Pipe Delimited, PDF, MHTML, Excel, and TIFF. KPI reports measure performance of your supply chain partners, including ourselves, vendors and carriers.

For ad-hoc reporting, Century’s Data Cube Analysis tool can be accessed via VMS? or Excel 2007/2010. This “self-service” reporting tool enables you to gain valuable insight into large volumes of historical shipment data, collectively referred to as “data cubes”. You receive rapid response to your queries regardless of database size or complexity. Easily transform your data output into graphic format within Excel. Drill down and slicing ability is available to dig deeper into the data to the underlying detail, for example, moving from year to monthly breakout or from origin country to origin port detail.

Data cube benefits include:

  • Immediate, on-demand access to your data
  • Rapid statistical analysis of large volumes of data
  • No reliance on IT— you create the query yourself
  • Business process modeling / re-engineering
  • Trend analysis over time
  • Free yourself from errors and broken links arising from spreadsheet consolidation
For further information, please contact your local office.

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