Interface with SAP

Century’s customer, World Kitchen, Inc., utilizes SAP as its primary offshore visibility platform. The challenge for Century was to provide multiple departments at World Kitchen with critical shipment information and updated events as product flows through the supply chain without, disrupting the current buyer workflow.

The process begins with the PO creation in SAP and PO upload to VMS? via EDI 850 and 860 messages. As vendors create PO bookings in VMS?, we send an EDI 856 to SAP, revising the PO status to a ship note. As the process moves from booking to shipment, we send further updates to SAP which include B/L #, container #, weight, final quantity, ETA and container status events.

As scheduled events become actuals in transit, we send ETA revisions to SAP so World Kitchen has the most updated product ETA. World Kitchen merchandisers view updated ETAs in SAP and create a Hot Container List.

Century takes the Hot Container List and merges it with 315 container arrival information to generate a Daily Inbound Container Report for World Kitchen. All the key stakeholders at World Kitchen, including merchandisers and DC/traffic personnel, rely on this automated report to drive inbound prioritization.

The flow of information that Century feeds to SAP is critical. It enables World Kitchen to effectively prioritize the receiving of product and satisfy delivery commitments to their end customers.

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