Inbound Receiving

Our Inbound Planning and Transload Module gives you a preview of incoming containers up to 10 days before vessel arrival. You then have the ability to prioritize POs and SKUs while they are still on the water by assigning operational statuses such as rush, excess, direct to store, etc. Your priority decisions are then communicated to truckers, transload facilities and logistics teams to ensure proper management of inbound freight.

If your company engages in transloading, VMS? gives you visibility to product as it is transferred from inbound ocean containers to outbound rail containers or trucks en route to final destination. You never lose visibility to the transloaded orders.

Additional benefits of this Transload tool include the ability to route product among multiple channels of distribution, split containers among DCs and divert product to where the need is greatest. VMS? Transload also manages and records Overages, Shortages and Damages.

For further information, please contact your local office.

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