Are you struggling to bring overseas vendors on board with carton labeling?

ePACK enables vendors to create and print carton labels utilizing your PO data. Vendors who have a 300dpi thermal printer on site can print the carton labels on their own. For vendors who don’t own this equipment, Century can print and deliver the labels for a fee.

  • Vendor creates and prints labels from your PO data in VMS?
  • Standardize label detail/format to meet your specs
  • You receive unit/carton level details on ASN to assist receiving process
  • Flexible design to accommodate different carton packing processes
  • Web-based platform allows easy access to vendors globally
  • Prevent origin shipment delays arising from late-arriving labels
  • Consistently legible/scan-worthy labels
  • Accurate labels
  • Faster receiving at your DC
For further information, please contact your local office.

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