Tired of chasing down vendors who make mistakes on their paperwork and won’t comply with your requirements?

Wouldn’t it be a huge time-saver if every invoice and packing list were in the same format with all the required information? VMS? eDOCS enables vendors to create their commercial invoices, packing lists, and origin declarations online utilizing the 850 data you upload to VMS?. VMS? locks down about 80% of the data. For example, PO #, SKU #s, SKU description, vendor name, vendor address, HTS codes, unit costs and ship-to location all pull directly from your PO. eDOC creation accelerates document processing for all parties involved and significantly reduces clerical errors.

  • Century works with you to create customized document “templates”
  • 850 data populates document templates
  • Documents can be passed through VMS? to buying agents for markup and final submission
  • Version control
  • Vendor invoice can be transmitted as an EDI 810
  • Lock down info required and how it’s formatted
  • Faster, more accurate document production
  • Ability to preview/approve documents before FCR issuance
  • Fewer document headaches and less admin expense for vendors, Compliance Team, Broker and Accounts Payable
For further information, please contact your local office.

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