Domestic Services

In the past, operational differences between domestic and international transportation have resulted in separate and dissimilar management strategies. However, research indicates that shippers today believe there are real efficiencies and cost savings achieved by managing both sectors via a single platform.

That’s where VMS? comes in. No investment in software or hardware on your end, but tremendous turn-key benefits.

VMS? Domestic is a 100% scalable, web-based portal used by our customers’ domestic vendors to request PO pick-up dates and times. Take a look at the functionality and benefits – a simple and effective solution.

  • Organize pending activity by pick-up date, vendor name, location, DC, etc.
  • Identify PO ship window exceptions
  • Flag hot POs
  • Enter and status comments, i.e. “awaiting buyer feedback on late pick-up date”
  • Assign trucking company and billing account to the pick-up request
  • Approve or reject the pick-up request
  • VMS feeds EDI 204 to trucking company
  • VMS receives EDI 214 from trucking company
  • Quick and easy review of domestic pick-up requests for PO compliance
  • Ease of use, minimal training required.
  • Significant admin time and cost savings for your company, vendors and truckers
  • Greater routing integrity
  • Accurate, timely visibility to incoming domestic freight at your DCs
  • Monitor and report on vendor performance
  • Communicate key messages en masse to vendors, including trucking delays due to weather or other unexpected situations
For further information, please contact your local office.

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