Documentation Management

Go green … scanning commercial and shipping documents within 48 hours of vessel sail is our standard practice at all origin ports. You can view documents for current and past shipments any time you like within VMS?. We also post the documents to your Broker’s FTP site, enabling them to open the Customs entry and pre-clear the shipment.

For some customers, we have implemented a document review and release process prior to passing files to the Broker. These customers want to audit the documentation and, if necessary, request corrections from the vendor prior to making entry. Our best practice for driving document accuracy, however, is eDOCS. eDOCS templates in VMS? ensure every invoice and packing list is formatted identically with all the required information. Importantly, 80% of the invoice data populates directly from your PO upload. Eliminate sloppy, incomplete invoices that create extra work for you and your Broker!

For further information, please contact your local office.

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