Carrier Management

Century pre-loads your approved carriers, weekly allocation, service contract #’s, FEU commitment, approved port pairs and your carriers’ inland transit time commitments into the Company Administration module of VMS?. In addition to this systematically driving compliance with your routing instructions, you gain up to the minute visibility to FEUs booked by carrier and by service contract #.

We have another carrier-related enhancement that may be of interest to your company. Our origin teams utilize a carrier “service management” module in VMS? to systematically log rolled bookings and equipment refusal at a shipment level. This information is then visible to you and can be incorporated into carrier performance reports.

We typically measure carrier performance through statistics on bookings released versus requested, number of rolls, timely B/L release, actual versus published transit times and 315 exceptions. These score card reports are important negotiating tools for our customers when they discuss rates and performance with their carriers.

For further information, please contact your local office.

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